Editorial Review

Manuscripts submitted for publication are first reviewed by the Editorial Board, who organize peer-reviewing of the manuscripts by selecting reviewers from experts in the field.

A reviewer should have expertise in the subject of the article and have at least three publications relevant to the issue of the reviewed article.

Reviewers assess paper manuscripts against the following criteria: topicality, novelty, theoretical and applied significance of research, originality and creativity of pedagogical task solving.

Reviewers also assess abstracts, key words and reference sources to ascertain that they truly represent the content of the article.

Reviewers can recommend to accept articles for publication in Pedagogical and Psychological Search academic journal or to reject articles. In the latter case the reviewers are obliged to motivate rejection.

Reviewers are entitled to determine the aspects of analysis and the amount of review.

The editorial board sends to authors copies of reviews or motivated rejections.

The editorial board of the Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation if required.

All reviews are kept in the editorial office of the Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal for five years.

The selected and reviewed articles are grouped under the corresponding headings and proofread (the author’s academic writing style is preserved).

Authors are informed about the time of publication. The date of publication of accepted articles depends on the number of articles awaiting publication.

If reviewers recommend to accept articles after some corrections have been introduced, the articles are sent for authors by e-mail. The authors are obliged to introduce corrections and inform the Editorial Board about it. Revised articles are subject to repeated review.

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