RomanovDear Colleagues, Readers and Authors
of the Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal!

We entered 2015 looking forward to continuing the creative search in the sphere of pedagogy and psychology. In 2015 Ryazan State Pedagogical University will celebrate its centennial anniversary. Our Academic Journal is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It’s time to assess achievements against initial goals and map out perspectives for further development.

The early 21st century, as any other historical period, should be analyzed through the prism of comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, integrated research. Aspiration for academic development cannot be fulfilled but through academic search, which accounts for the title of our Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal. The significance of academic search is highlighted against the background of global changes together with the importance of social and pedagogical philosophy that is expected to enter all spheres of Russian social life. Hence, it was necessary to enable the professional dialogue of pedagogues and psychologists, to find allies, to enter the all-Russian and the international arena, to increase the number of authors, to enhance values and extend contents.

Our primary aspiration has been to mould the individuality of the journal among hundreds and thousands of scholarly periodicals and to enable effective communication of ideas between the editor-in-chief, the authors and the readers. We have formed a well-knit team of devoted authors who are keenly interested in the issues discussed in the pages of our academic journal. We have hoped to comply with the best traditions of Russian pedagogical journalism and to ensure the continuity of Russian humanitarian pedagogy. We have aimed at becoming an integral part of mainstream pedagogy and at proving that university research is free from territorial boundaries.

Our academic journal has been continually searching and developing: the number of authors has increased and now tallies about 300 scholars; every third author is a Doctor of Science or an Academician (they create the majority of articles). Our authors live in more than 50 different towns and work in more than 80 various educational institutions. Among our authors there are university professors, school educators, pre-school teachers, optional education tutors, statesmen. Many authors are Honored Scholars of the Russian Federation, Honored Workers of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Honored Teachers of the Russian Federation, Members of the Russian Academy of Education, Members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Members of the Russian Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, Members of the International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Members of the International Informatization Academy, etc. The readers of the journal represent practically all federal districts of Russia. We cooperate with pedagogues and psychologists from Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. The list has been continually growing.

Every issue of the Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal attempts to register the development of Russian education. The modernization of secondary and higher education has revealed many serious problems and has put into the limelight a number of significant issues, such as the contemporary state of education, the structure and the contents of education, educational technologies, assessment of educational achievement, organizational issues, issues of educational management, psychological issues, technical issues, and personnel issues as the most urgent issue.

The journal routinely contributes to the issues of philosophy of education, to the methodology of psychological and pedagogical research, to the methodology of history of pedagogy, to the strategies of educational development, to the issues of teachers’ professional training. The journal initiates discussions on various aspects of personality development, on strategies of improving pre-school education and optional education, on special psychology and correctional pedagogy. Our authors dwell on Russia’s place in European education space, discuss international psychological and pedagogical research, analyze Russian and international historical and pedagogical heritage. Most urgent and ambiguous issues are discussed in the column called “Open tribune”. The column welcomes unorthodox articles which deal with complicated scholarly issues in an intelligible and original manner.

The development of Russian universities is affected by world tendencies of higher education, hence, the demand for new education space, modern education technologies, and strengthened educational system. We believe that to enhance further development of higher education it is important to determine conditions for continuous development of higher educational institutions, describe innovative activities of university departments, define the tasks of students’ spiritual and moral education, treat management issues, deal with education achievement assessment strategies, analyze the experience of foreign higher educational institutions.

We have been searching for breakthrough pedagogical and psychological ideas advanced through research conducted by contemporary professorial staff, who understand their role in ensuring the prosperity of their motherland and promoting young people’s spiritual and moral education. We cherish the landmarks on our ten-year journey. Ten years may be a flash, when weighed in the scale of eternity, but in terms of human life it’s a period sufficient for shaping one’s professional vision.
Many authors have commemorated this event with their congratulatory articles and letters of greeting. We appreciate hearing from distinguished scholars that our common task is needed, and that our academic journal has played a humble role in uniting pedagogues and psychologists from different regions of our country. Let us quote a few lines from some letters.
B.M.Bim-Bad, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, appreciates our journal, which “has carried on the best traditions of Russian scholarly periodicals, such as consistent and progressive editorial policy, encouragement for young and talented authors, a wide range of discussed issues, respectful attitude to scholarly heritage”. According to M.V.Boguslavsky, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, the academic journal “has carried out not only the professional, but also the cultural and the enlightening mission in Russian educational space”. An outstanding Russian Scholar G.B.Kornetov writes that Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal is “one of the best pedagogical journals in our country: topical issues, versatile authors, interesting articles, lively language”.

Some authors say that “treating scholarly research as a priority makes one immerse into investigation, write articles and present one’s results on the pages of a highly authoritative journal”. “The journal has managed to unite Russian scholars of different generations” (V.G.Bezrogov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education).
Let us also quote Professor A.N.Shevelev, who says that “Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal issued by Ryazan State University named for S.A.Yessenin is an academic periodical that can be labeled as one of the scholarly and pedagogical centers on a national scale”. A.V.Utkin, the editor-in-chief of the Historical and Pedagogical Journal maintains that the Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal “has carried on the best traditions of Russian scholarly periodicals, cultivating democratic, intellectual, humanitarian sphere of professional communication”.

The journal has treated the issues of moral consciousness of society and young people’s moral development. We believe that such categories as goodness, conscience, shame, honor, dignity, citizenship, patriotism cannot be excluded from pedagogical vocabulary. All these grand, great, eternal categories are inseparable for young people’s moral development.
In many respects we determine the future of Russia, Russian citizens’ spiritual character and intellectual level, the feasibility of reforms. Life goes on! And we consciously abstain from simplifying the topics that we discuss in our journal and deal with urgent pedagogical and psychological issues.

We welcome young outstanding scholars, for whom we have been zealously searching in regional universities, as well as distinguished leaders of Russian research schools. Young and talented psychologists and pedagogues are granted an opportunity to share their investigations as well as distinguished researchers
Today it is clear that the journal has acquired its unique shape and makes its humble contribution into the development of pedagogy and psychology of early 21st century Russia.
On behalf of Ryazan State University named for S.A.Yessenin, by which the academic journal was established, on behalf of the editorial staff, the editorial board and the publishing center of Ryazan State University named for S.A.Yessenin I wish all our colleagues good health and success in our common endeavors!

Editor-in-Chief of the Psychological and Pedagogical Search academic journal,
Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor,
Member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences,
Member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education,
Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation
Aleksey Alekseyevich Romanov

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